Richard Corsi, Ph.D., PE -Indoor Air 2011 Preview

Air Date: 5-13-2011|Episode 208

Dr. Corsi is the President of Indoor Air 2011 and Director, NSF IGERT program in Indoor Environmental Science and Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin...

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Dr. Corsi is the President of Indoor Air 2011 and Director, NSF IGERT program in Indoor Environmental Science and Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. We will discuss the upcoming IA 2011 conference with an emphasis on how to get researchers and practitioners working together toward assisting people with the design and maintenance of better indoor environments.


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On today’s episode of IAQradio, Richard L. Corsi, Ph.D. PE, President of Indoor Air 2011 provided IAQradio listeners with an overview of Indoor Air 2011; the triennial conference of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate(ISIAQ). This event will focus on major challenges facing the indoor air and climate community such as the effect of building operation on climate change. The event provides a forum for researchers & practitioners to exchange ideas and is a great professional development opportunity. Over 900 technical papers were submitted for review, with moisture and mold being the most popular subject.

At the event, IAQ practitioners will have the opportunity to have questions such as: how close are we to developing mold exposure limit, what measurement methods, tools & processes are proven effective, are remediation methods really effective in protecting occupants, what happens when we seal a building and how tightly can we seal a building before we have problems answered by cutting-edge researchers.

The 10 thematic areas of the conference are:

· Global Climate-Low energy and weatherized buildings, climate change effects on IEQ (unintended consequences of over weatherization on buildings)

· Sustainability/healthy buildings- IEQ and green buildings, healthy homes, building material emissions, learning from successes and failures, relabeling

· Outdoor Connections- IEQ and regional air quality, persistent pollutants that originate indoors. (transportation diesel particulate matter)

· Human Health-Children’s health, infectious disease transmission, emerging contaminates. Getting IEPs and MDs to work together and share information

· Societal Imperatives- IEQ and affordable housing, environmental justice. (Improving access of low income families to resources.)

· Developing Countries- IEQ health effects and solutions. (Health concerns over stoves and lighting)

· Improvement motivators- Regulations, legal action, surveys, cost analysis. (Getting people and policy makers to make decisions regulations, lawsuits, education.)

· Innovative Solutions- Source reduction, low-energy air purification, safe building decontamination. (Passive systems such as catalytic oxidation and adsorption)

· Innovations in practice- Field studies, new sampling and technology applications.

· Fundamentals- Building physics, chemistry, biology, sources, transport, sinks, climate and occupant responses. (Better understanding pollutants and pollutant emitters.)

Word of the day was microbiome-the totality of microbes, their genetic elements (genomes), and environmental interactions in a defined environment.

RadioJoe will be representing IAQradio at the conference and promises a post event report.

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