Patrick Winters, CAE/IOM – IICRC President

Air Date: 10-29-2010|Episode 185

What’s happening at the Institute for Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)? …

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What’s happening at the Institute for Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)? We will find out this week when we interview IICRC President Mr. Patrick Winters CAE/IOM. Mr. Winters was hired as IICRC President in August of 2009 and his goal is to lead the organization to excellence in all functional areas. Mr. Winters has over 35 years experience as a nonprofit executive specializing in foundations, institutes, professional societies and trade associations. IAQ Radio will be exploring the world of not for profit associations in the IAQ, disaster restoration and building science industries for the next few weeks and we are excited about our first interview on the subject with the President of what is probably the most influential association in the disaster restoration industry.

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Industry Organizations Part 1

Patrick Winters, the man for all reasons

Career association executive and current President of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (better known by the acronym IICRC), Patrick Winters discussed trade associations in general and the IICRC in particular with IAQradio listeners. Mr. Winters enlightened listeners on facts about trade associations such as the average adult American belongs to 5-10 trade associations (whether it’s an automobile association, an association of retired persons, scouting groups, volunteer fire departments, etc.). The federal government recognizes the important role that trade associations play in our lives and our society by granting these organizations tax exempt status. Studies have proven that successful trade associations make their members happier and wealthier people. Trade associations help their members make money, save money and stay out of jail.

When asked a pointed question about the need and value of certification, Patrick responded that professions and trades have unique bodies of knowledge and that the public is safer and receives better value when they use the services of providers who are trained and certified.

Patrick candidly responded to questions about the organization; acknowledging existing problems and his proposed solutions. As an association manager, he is guided by a ten point checklist of association management. According to Patrick, the IICRC excels in some areas and is under par in others. Patrick advised listeners that reorganizational plans are under consideration and implementation to fix existing problems and make the IICRC an improved and stronger organization. He responded to critics of the group by telling listeners: the IICRC does have a formal conflict of interest policy, that a request for proposal (RFP) policy is in place for all contracts of $5K+ including retroactive contracts, the nominating committee method is being revised and that the group is establishing term limits for officers and board members. When prodded by a text question from a listener he acknowledged that due to the organization’s unique operating structure that a built-in disconnect exists between the IICRC’s board of directors and executive committee and the rank and file registrants.

On the subject of national trade association (NTA), Patrick highlighted reasons that previous attempts failed: egos and personalities, misinformation (that funds and name can be kept separate and struggles over control. Patrick confirmed that the IICRC is indeed pursuing creation of a membership trade association.

Love’m or hate’m, agree or disagree with them…it is undeniable that the Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification is a large and highly successful education and standards writing organization. Change is hard, particularly challenging when power and money are at state. Joe and I were impressed with Patrick’s candor and professionalism.

From my vantage point, Patrick Winters appears to be making good and steady progress, at the IICRC he is the man for all reasons.

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