Nicole Bijlsma Australian College of Environmental Studies – Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) & Baubiology

Air Date: 7-18-2014 | Episode: 334

This week on IAQ Radio we will be discussing Baubiology & Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) with Nichole Bijlsma. Nicole is the founder of the Australian College of Environmental Studies in Melbourne, Australia…


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This week on IAQ Radio we will be discussing Baubiology & Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) with Nichole Bijlsma. Nicole is the founder of the Australian College of Environmental Studies in Melbourne, Australia. She is an accomplished naturopath, building biologist, writer and author who conducts lectures to doctors, natural therapists and builders about the health hazards in the home. Apart from an Honours degree in Acupuncture, she completed further training in Guangzhou TCM hospital (China) in the early 1990s and has extensive experience lecturing in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic philosophy at various universities and institutions. Nicole is the author of the best seller – Healthy Home Healthy Family – which attracted numerous radio and television interviews in addition to numerous articles in print and online media. Her book is available through the school at

Nicole is a woman of passion, and her passion lies in environmental medicine. She first became involved in healthy homes as a result of two events in her life; firstly experiencing ten miscarriages after moving into her first home from what she now believes to be exposure to a high level magnetic field (from the meter box) and secondly, when she began to notice the extent to which the environment was causing illness in many of her patients particularly children.

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It’s Electric

Nicole Bijlsma was our guest on today’s episode of IAQradio. Nicole is an Australian naturopath, acupuncturist, building biologist and author who in 1999 founded the Australian College of Environmental Studies to educate people about health hazards in the built environment. Two events got her interested in building biology: noticing a connection between her patient’s ill health and their homes and her infertility. The cause of her 10 miscarriages was eventually diagnosed by an American reproductive immunologist as an immune disorder which she now suspects arose from long term exposure to high electromagnetic fields. Once the issue was addressed she successfully gave birth to 3 children.


Nuggets mined from today’s broadcast:

  • Almost wherever we go we are bombarded by Electromagnetic Frequencies.
  • Electrical Hypersensitivity (EHS) was documented in Swedish computer workers in the 1980s. Since that time there has been a growing dependence upon electrical appliances and devices without much research on the impact on human health. Some countries are establishing EMR free zones and banning wireless technologies from schools and daycare centers.

EHS is characterized by a range of nonspecific symptoms. There are no biomarkers for EHS. EHS sufferers are often misdiagnosed with autoimmune disorder, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, psychosis, etc.


Here are three guidelines for the diagnosis of EHS including biomarkers and testing procedures (Austria, UK and Russia):


Guideline of the Austrian Medical Association for the diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses. (EMF Syndrome).(2012). (Online). Available:


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Bevington, M 2013, Electromagnetic – Sensitivity and Electromagnetic – Hypersensitivity. A Summary. Capability Books: London, UK. (this is the best book on diagnosis and includes 1828 scientific references).

  • Occasional exposure to high electromagnetic fields is unlikely to pose health risks, while exposure to high electric and or magnetic fields such as during sleep is when problems typically arise.
  • Electromagnetic frequencies are used in medicine. EMFs permeate and heat human tissue, blood and brains.
  • Evaluation of electromagnetic fields emanating from both outside and inside the building requires a professional who has the necessary training, test instruments and experience. < 1 milligauss is an acceptable reading outdoors.  .2 miligauss is suitable reading in bedrooms.
  • Primary sources of EMFs are power lines, mobile phone towers, smart meters, panel boxes and wireless technology, electrical wiring, appliances, lighting, phones and wireless technology, smart meters, radioactivity, etc.
  • The most important measurements and readings are those taken where occupants spend the majority of time.
  • Studies link electromagnetic exposure to miscarriages, childhood leukemia, brain tumors, etc.
  • Hundreds of schools in European countries and Israel no longer permit wireless technology in kindergartens and daycare centers.
  • Appliances emit similar amounts of EMFs whether operating on European or North American voltage.

Safety tips:

  • The easiest and least expensive method is to increase distance away from EMF sources. Doubling the distance from source effectively reduces exposure by 75% (inverse square law). Maintain a distance of 6 feet from appliances which draw high current such as electric panel and fridge.
  • Shielding techniques can be used to reduce exposure to electric fields and radio frequencies.
  • Grounding mats to reduce body voltage when working and resting.
  • Put phones and I-pads in airplane mode when working and sleeping.
  • Installing demand switches and contactors in panel boxes to reduce exposure.
  • Hardwire phones. If you must have a cordless phone or clock radio with digital display  keep it 6 feet away from the bed.
  • Turnoff WiFi routers when not in use.
  • EMFs can travel throughout buildings.

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  • Military and telecommunication workers are known to have suffered ill effects from exposure to Electromagnetic frequencies.
  • Think about where you work, surrounded by computer, printer, cell phone, cordless phone and router.
  • Human cells react to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
  • Finding a control group for epidemiological studies for EMF studies would be very difficult.
“I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as they do astrology, as a type of ancient superstition.  According to my conviction, this is, however, unjustified.  The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of human nervous system to certain factors that are unknown to us at this time”
~Albert Einstein~

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