Natalie Hinden-Kuhles – Agilex Fragrance

Air Date: 10-8-2010|Episode 182

This week on IAQ Radio we will discuss fragrances and perfumes with an expert on the subject Natalie Hinden-Kuhles of Agilex Fragrance…

Full Description:

This week on IAQ Radio we will discuss fragrances and perfumes with an expert on the subject Natalie Hinden-Kuhles of Agilex Fragrance. What are the manufacturer’s doing to develop products that have less effect on indoor environments and sensitive individuals? How do fragrances and perfumes affect IAQ? Are they a cure, a band-aid, or a detriment?

Z-Man’s Blog:

The Fragrance Show

Fragrance in the indoor environment is a subject upon which everyone has an opinion. Today’s IAQradio guest, Natalie Hinden-Kuhles from Agilex Fragrance and Flavor provided our listening audience with insight on the subject of fragrances from the fragrance manufacturers’ perspective.

Nuggets gleaned from today’s broadcast:
•Today’s fragrances are safer than ever.

•Who would think that oils of basil and sassafras would contain constituents that are carcinogenic?

•Who would have thought that natural derived citrus oils aren’t readily biodegradable and cannot be used as components in “green fragrances”?

•The Fragrance Industry is a great example of industry self-regulation.

•Two websites with great information for IEPs on fragrances:

•Green still isn’t what it is touted to be. We must consider the political motives of the anti-fragrance sentiment groups such as the Sierra Club, etc.

•I find the CDC’s blanket anti-fragrance policy to be very troubling. The CDC is a well respected organization that has huge clout. I feel that their statement is a knee jerk reaction, perhaps they also want to be the CFC (Center for Fragrance Control). Fragrance use within the indoor environment is about moderation. We all know and agree that too much of any substance is bad. Some people who are immune compromised and highly sensitive need to live in a bubble, I empathize with them. We can’t have peanuts on airplanes or in schools because someone may be allergic. Just because someone needs to live or work in a bubble doesn’t mean that it is practical, feasible or economically justifiable to turn the insides of all of our homes, buildings and transportation systems into bubbles. Why must my octogenarian parents struggle through body searches at airports? I object to having my rights, preferences and privileged infringed upon in public places out of political correctness and minorities of one.
Today’s music: “Smell so good” by Jackie Cain and Ray Kral
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