Lance Weaver, IAQ, – HVAC & Energy Efficiency Issues

Air Date: 11-11-2011| Episode: 227

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Lance Weaver was raised in a disaster restoration pioneers family and has been working in the disaster restoration industry since he was 10. He went on to get a Mechanical Engineering degree and came back to work in his father’s business and started Lloyd’s Systems in 2007, which specializes in manufacturing, air duct inspecting, cleaning, and sealing. -Web site:


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Whether his creativity was acquired genetically, the result of the learning environment or a combination of both, Lance Weaver is a one very smart and creative guy. Lance, a degreed mechanical engineer, is considered an expert on forced air mechanical systems. Having used them since 1989, Lance is a pioneer in the use of robotics for the inspection and cleaning of air conveyance systems. During his tenure in the industry; Lance has seen big changes from the days when encapsulants were indiscriminately fogged into ductwork, when source removal meant a big vacuum truck, and commercial and industrial projects always necessitated lots of manual labor to the present day where robotics, video inspection monitors, HEPA vacuums and containment are the state-of-the-art best practices.

Nuggets mined from today’s shows:

· Robots as the best employee you can ask for, no workmen’s comp or OSHA concerns.

· Lloyd’s Systems is the state of South Dakotas’s leading exporter.

· Lloyd’s Systems robots are versatile being used to: inspect, clean and apply treatments and coatings to the interiors of duct systems. A new version is equipped for dry ice blasting.

· “Duct preparation”, a new moniker for duct cleaning.

· Duct sealing will surpass duct cleaning in the near future.

· Fire dampers, smoke detectors and other areas requiring special treatment are noted during the inspection phase.

· Developed a procedure that permits HVAC efficiency to be calculated with much improved accuracy.

· Offering an example of ROI on sealing 200,000 square foot of 1.6 years, demonstrates that significant energy savings can be obtained by reduction of duct leakage with sealants. FYI, buildings which have undergone duct sealing are eligible to receive LEED points.

· Dust removal, the next big financial opportunity.

To differentiate from the past, I opine that a better term needs to be coined than duct sealing.

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