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Air Date: 1-28-2011|Episode 194

This week we welcome Jeff Cross to IAQ Radio for a discussion of current events in cleaning and restoration plus some marketing tips from one of the best known marketing pros in the industry…

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This week we welcome Jeff Cross to IAQ Radio for a discussion of current events in cleaning and restoration plus some marketing tips from one of the best known marketing pros in the industry. Jeff is the Senior Editor of Cleanfax magazine and also has over 20 years of hands on experience in the carpet and furniture cleaning industry. His “Totally Booked University” marketing workshop is one of the most popular seminars in the industry and the marketing tips he teaches are applicable to any industry. Join us to hear Jeff discuss marketing, his views on how the economy is affecting the industry, if green cleaning is catching on, the CRI program, trade associations in today’s era of instant electronic communications and much more.

Z-Man’s Blog:

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A significant percentage of the IAQradio listening audience is rooted in the professional cleaning industry. This week’s IAQradio guest Jeff Cross, Senior Editor of Cleanfax magazine provides the best mechanism for us to tap into it. Jeff is on the go, attending every industry convention, trade show, IICRC board meeting and monitoring the dialogue on one of the industry’s most active bulletin boards.

Nuggets mined from this week’s show;

· Cleanfax magazine and the publication’s archives are excellent sources of technical information for professionals in the cleaning, insurance repair, microbial and environmental remediation and indoor environmental consulting fields.

· Carpet cleaning as a discretionary expense suffers when the economy is poor.

· Wall-to-wall carpet has lost some market share to hard surface flooring, especially tile & grout. Wall-to-wall carpet is easier to maintain than ceramic tile.

· Carpet cleaners are an independent bunch and don’t like being told what to do by organizations such as CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute). CRI is perceived by the cleaning industry as Big Fiber meddling in cleaning industry affairs with their Seal of Approval certification program and testing of cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals.

· The value of GPS for service businesses, improve routing efficiency and employee honesty. Service employees will be more likely to do the right thing when they know someone is watching.

· Carpet cleaners have differing approaches to green. Some use green chemicals and more energy efficient equipment; while the business savvy cleaners use advertizing that targets consumer’s growing awareness of green.

· Advertising Club, Jeff’s Totally Booked University a marketing workshop where he brings cleaners together cost effectively in a moderated format.

· During the show a consumer texted in a request for our opinion on Hydroxyl Radical Air Purifiers? This begged my posing the question why are you considering purchasing one? It’s human nature to seek the fast, easy, inexpensive resolution to a tough problem like weight loss. We all know what it takes to lose weight, yet millions of us by the pills, diets and workout equipment.

Jeff Cross is an all around good guy and one of those people that everyone likes. Jeff is an excellent journalist; he is fair and balanced never letting the story get the best of him by allowing his personal opinion or emotion to affect his coverage of an industry worthy news story. Today was Jeff’s third appearance as a guest on the show.

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