Jay Stake – IAQA President – Open Microphone with the New IAQA President

Air Date: 1-4-2019|Episode 528

This week we welcome Jay Stake to back to Iaqradio+. Mr. Stake joined us last year right after the Indoor Air Quality Association announced they were leaving the ASHRAE fold. We will preview the upcoming conference, see how things are working out, learn about plans for the future, review 2018 and preview 2019. A few friends of the show will be calling in to join the conversation.

Jay Stake is the new Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) President for 2018-19. He is also the owner of J&J Consultants a total indoor air quality assessment company and President of Structural Sciences, Inc. Structural Sciences provides indoor air quality consulting services to the relocation industry throughout North America. Mr. Stake uses a network of 269 inspectors to assist with the relocation of clients in the network. The majority of the inspectors in his network are IAQA members. He has been a member of the IAQA Board of Directors for 3 years and prior served as Vice Chair of the IESO before it became inactive under the ASHRAE umbrella.

Z-Man’s Blog:

“A Breathe of Fresh Air”
Jay Stake is the IAQA president for 2018-2019. He is also the owner of J&J Consultants a total air quality assessment company and President of Structural Sciences, Inc a firm which provide IAQ consulting services to the relocation industry. Jay is kind, thoughtful, smart, likable, creative, practical and passionate about the Indoor Environment.
Nuggets mined from today’s episode:
Obligated to members. Committed to exceeding expectations.
Membership of 2,100 members is stable.
Excessive cost and low return on investment was the primary reason that IAQA leadership made the fiduciarily responsible decision to make a management change from ASHRAE to Association Headquarters better known as AH is one of the world’s largest Association Management Firms. AH has tasked Brenden Breen with the task of running IAQA.
The IAQA executive committee and board of directors are rebuilding IAQA for the benefit of association members and consumers. Committee structure and responsibilities are under review. Volunteers time and skills will not be wasted.
Under Jay’s leadership the IAQA is transparent and inclusionary.
Getting back to basics. Restoring pride in the organization.
Not harp on past mistakes, he’s looking forward and into the future.
A focus on building back financial foundation and reserves to former levels.
Jay recently attended an AH leadership seminar where he met volunteers from other associations with whom he can learn, network and collaborate.
IAQA wants to be the center of the IEQ Universe, viewing itself as the conduit to connect all parts of the indoor environmental industry. Educate and serve its members, inform the public. 5 Pillars of excellence: member engagement, communication and connection, education, operational excellence and collaboration.
IAQA plays well with others Allied Industries: IAQA has Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the following associations:
The IAQA.org website has been redone. Consumers can search for pros by proximity. Consumer reference page answers common questions. Members are advised to quickly update their info.
Annual Meeting &Tradeshow-
2004 was the last year IAQA was a freestanding event. ASHRAE sold its tradeshow to a trade show operator that runs the AHR. The AHR is a huge show that isn’t “vendor friendly” for most vendors interested in exhibiting at the IAQA annual conference. 2019 is the last year that IAQA will be part of the AHR.. The 2019 event will have over 40 presentations. Alice Delia, PhD chaired the convention committee. She did a great job and Jay would like her to chair next year’s event.
Joe Medosch from haywardscore.com texted in a few questions and called in, he will be making 2 presentations at IAQA one on chemical dependency of building products and one on contaminant pathways. People who care about what’s in their food should care about what in their home. Air infiltration = contamination pathway. If you are considering sealing your home you must consider adding ventilation.
Jay is looking forward to meeting new members and receiving input from previous attendees.
Searching for site for 2020 event. Will likely occur in first quarter after a review of date potential conflicts.
Envisions increasing awareness of IAQA through promotion of: IAQA Month, IAQA Week, IAQA Day.
You cannot have a healthy home without healthy IEQ.
The IESO is dormant. The IAQA’s Mold in Schools Standard is 2/3’s complete. In the process of responding to public review questions. According to Jay, the ANSI accreditation is a costly process. Costing $5,000 just to submit a standard for review plus annual maintenance fees and a percentage of standard sales.
The NADCA ACR duct cleaning standard is widely followed and isn’t ANSI accredited.
RIA needs to follow-up with ASHRAE on the Fire Standard.
The contact info for all officers and directors is on the IAQA.org website. Jay’s cell phone number is 704-232-0077. He encourages anyone with questions to call him.
Roundup with Brendan Breen. He has an association management background. He is excited to work with and assist an organization that needs and wants change.
Jay’s Final Comments:
It’s 2019, a New Year and a New Beginning. He graciously thanked IAQA members, volunteers, AH staff, vendors and IAQA radio.
Z-Man signing off
Trivia Question:
Who was IAQA’s first women president?
Trivia Answer:
Holly Bailey
Answered by:
Susan Valenti