Elliott Gall, PhD – Particle Mitigation Strategies; What Works?

Air Date: 4-22-2022|Episode 662

This week we welcome Dr. Elliott Gall, Associate Professor at Portland State University to discuss some current research on particulate and gas phase pollutant mitigation. Particles are everywhere in indoor environments from skin cells to automobile exhaust to wildfires by-products. Particulate removal is also a big topic when it comes to the pandemic. What do we know about particle behavior and how well do various mitigation processes work? We will talk to Dr. Gall about what his and other research shows about this important IEQ topic.

Dr. Elliott Gall is an Associate Professor in the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department in the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University. Dr. Gall’s primary technical specialties are physics and chemistry of indoor air quality, heat and mass transfer phenomena in built environments, human exposure to air pollution, indoor environmental quality and sustainable buildings, building HVAC, and urban air quality.

Dr. Gall’s research and teaching interests center around developing new approaches that improve building sustainability through an understanding of the intersection of building energy use, indoor air quality, and occupant well-being. Specific research areas include: i) fundamental laboratory and field studies of indoor air pollutant transport and transformation, ii) air pollution exposure assessment through modeling and personal exposure studies, and iii) evaluation of building technology and design with respect to indoor environmental quality.

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