Ed Light, CIH – PART 1 Science Based Approach?

Air Date: 9-24-2010|Episode 180

Is the industry approach to IAQ, mold and Green Buildings science-based…

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Is the industry approach to IAQ, mold and Green Buildings science-based? This week on IAQ Radio we have the return visit of Ed Light, CIH to discuss his thoughts about the title of our show. In addition according to Mr. Light discussions of industrial hygiene and health are generally one-sided and do not consider other opinions on controversial subjects? We will discuss Mr. Lights opinion on these two subjects and time permitting will get his opening thoughts/statements on some debate topics he has proposed for a future IAQ Radio program.

Z-Man’s Blog:

Shedding Light

Ed Light, CIH remains one of IAQradio’s more entertaining, informative and provocative guests.

Nuggets mined from today’s show:

· Indoor environmental issues aren’t new and have occurred throughout history. What is new is the growth of an industry to deal with it!

· Mold is not a hazardous material.

· Does IAQ affect our health? Normal people don’t have problems. Sensitive folks are often affected. Worst case scenarios can pose a hazard. Unrelated health affects, psychosocial and political reasons also need to be considered.

· Silent majority feels that mold isn’t a big deal.

· Building investigators should assess both the occupants and the building.

· Many building assessments are flawed, because building investigation is too often driven by a microbiological approach rather than a moisture based approach.

· Testing doesn’t take into account undefined background levels. Testing may be incapable of detecting the substance(s) causing the problem.

· Testing labs without medical training shouldn’t needed comment on health risks of organisms nor propose human exposure levels.

· LEED points. People are over concerned about LEED points. LEED points are trying to reduce off-gassing emissions from building products that have already been reduced by building products manufacturers. Chemical emissions in new buildings are better than ever! LEED pushes introduction of more fresh air into buildings. More fresh brings with it consequences, more moisture and more energy consumption. LEED points reward chemophobia, green cleaning with natural products and a reduction in the use of antimicrobials.

· Many building problems are routine, obvious and resolvable by building owners and managers without the need for complex and expensive sampling.

Ed Light, commented that IAQradio covers building science and restoration fields well and is critical of our IAQ coverage; feeling that our show isn’t adequately balanced; predominately featuring guests who advocate an IAQ causes health effects storyline. Ed’s comments have caused Joe and I to look in the mirror. While we do endeavor to present both sides of important issues the majority of the guests (for whatever their reasons: scientific, financial or otherwise) do not agree with Ed on the IAQ causing health problems issue, if you agree with Ed or know others who do please contact us.

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