Brian Barca -Sports philosophies used to improve your business

Air Date: 9-21-2012| Episode: 257

On this week’s broadcast of IAQradio, we’ll set aside science for the practical when we discuss with a successful sports coach how adopting successful sports philosophies can improve your business...

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On this week’s broadcast of IAQradio, we’ll set aside science for the practical when we discuss with a successful sports coach how adopting successful sports philosophies can improve your business. This week’s guest is Brian Barca, a truly special guy who has a knack for bringing the best out in those under his tutelage. Brian owns and operates Training KAMP a business that assists athletes in achieving their goals. Join us on IAQradio this week on Friday, September 21 at noon eastern time when we discuss: do I need a coach, becoming more confident, dealing with fear and pressure and much more.


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Brian Barca & Improving your Business using
Successful Sports Strategies

Today I threw a curveball to IAQradio’s listening audience by moving away from the technical and focusing on parallels of baseball and business with our interview of Brian Barca; I feel Brian swung hard and hit a homerun.

Nuggets mined from today’s episode:

· Life, business and sports involve competition.

· Routines make us feel comfortable, they aren’t always beneficial.

· We have all felt the lift of motivation gained from an external source such as a motivational
speaker or seminar. Unfortunately, we learn that the lift is temporary; long term motivation must come from within.

· On human behavior: our thoughts travel, examples:
For example on a day when everything seems to going wrong, your boss adds to your workload or dumps a problem onto you.
Any situation + an insecure mind = illusion of a problem
Any situation + a positive mind = a solution

· Learning should be simple, fun and done on the student’s terms.

· Teaching techniques: coaches can role play by switching places with the student and havin
the student teach the skill demonstrating the student’s mastery of the skill. Students can become better leaders by teaching teammates.

· Don’t justify. When you make a mistake or perform poorly don’t make excuses and try to justify poor performance. Seeking the approval of others for your failure is not OK.

· Coaches should ask students why? Students must understand the why, internalize it and make it theirs.

· Borrowing strength builds weakness. A student who has mastered the skill becomes self
dependent, breaking the cycle of the student’s dependence on others.

· Everyone needs a coach or mentor.

· Tips on choosing a good coach: learn from people who are still active learners, learn
from people who are good, learn from someone who stimulates your thinking and learning.

· The joy of the game. When you first pitch a ball to a young child they smile whether they hit or
miss and ask that the ball be thrown again. It’s not until they get older that they learn that strike 3 is bad.

· Most people minimize the true need for and importance of importance of fundamental skills and
want to move on to more advanced skills prematurely.

· Getting a better night’s sleep, when you reduce anxiety by being well prepared you’ll sleep better.

· Life’s greatest moments occur when we feel uncomfortable.

· It’s natural for parents who watch their kids perform to experience anxiety.

· It’s not about winning, it’s about reaching potential.

· We’ve all been in the zone, that feeling when we have crystal clarity and our response is

· A guide serves as a model for others. Guiding a student to the place they can take ownership.

· The importance of being present, taking control of our thinking and being in the moment.

· Good habits are just as hard to break as bad habits.

· Life is constant, our life situations are neutral.

· On dealing with fear, learn to trust the work you have put in. Invest the time.

· “Negative thoughts aren’t meant to get in our way. They are meant to show us the way- telling us we are off track”

Today’s music: “Centerfield” by John Fogerty

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