To Listen

There are many different ways to listen to IAQ Radio.


We go live at 12pm EST every Friday. To join a live discussion on PC go to: and click the Join In button.






You will be prompted to sign in as a user or guest. Choose guest if you don’t have a login.

For listeners who are listening in with a mobile device like an IPod/IPad – will take you directly to the IAQ Talkshoe mobile friendly site in which you can listen in live.


For listeners who are listening in with you PC – will take you directly to IAQ Radio Call Home Page.

For listeners who are listening in with a mobile device like an IPod/IPad – will take you directly to the IAQ Talkshoe Mobile friendly site.

Other options are to listen to recorded podcasts on TunIn RadioStitcher or Apple iTunes.


In order to call into our radio show, just pick up any ordinary touchtone phone and dial 724-444-7444. This will connect you to Talkshoe’s system. At this point, you will be prompted for a talkcast/show ID number. Our show ID number is 1547. Next you’ll be prompted for a dial in PIN just enter 1# when prompted. If you are a guest on the program, please use the PIN number which we have provided you with.

Once you hear, “You are now joining the talkshoe”, you will be able to hear us and we will be able to hear you. We will have you muted during segments of the show so that background noise from your location will not interfere, but once you’ve been introduced, we will un-mute you. For optimal sound quality, we recommend that you use a landline (i.e. not a cellular phone) with either a handset or a headset (i.e., no speakerphone).


How do I answer a trivia question?

  • Simply do one of the below to answer the trivia question.
    • Follow the instructions to text into the show and send the answer in.
    • Follow the instructions to call into the show live and we’ll bring you on to answer it.
    • Send an e-mail to czlotnik at cs dot com

How do I text-chat on the show?

To do this, follow the steps above and type into the chate box. The hosts will and other guests will see your question or comment.

Can you text-chat and call in simultaneously?

Absolutely! If you have the ability to be on a telephone call and be on the Internet at the same time, the Talkshoe technology will allow you to do that. We highly suggest that you utilize this method of connectivity as it will allow us to communicate with you and let you know when we would be able to put you on to ask your question.

Why do our earlier episodes have reduced audio quality?

When we originally started out, we were using a poor quality telephone-based recording system to speak. We have made the quantum leap when we started Studio B.